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Musungwa Lodge invites you to explore the unspoilt and truly wild Kafue National Park(22 500km2) with us. Musungwa is set high on the shores of Lake Itzehi - tezhi (370 sq km) with a breathtaking view. Musungwa is open all year round and is accessible bt road from Lusaka (338km) and from Livingstone via Kalomo (320 km). Musungwa is 1km from Musa Gate the main entrance to the southern sector of the Kafue National Park.

From Lusaka

From Lusaka international airport ( GPS S15*19’  11,0”   E28*25’  39,6”) take the M9 road towards Mumbwa. After 240km turn left onto D769 road to Itezhi-tezhi. (GPS of this junction S14*58’  17,8”   E26*27`08,4”). 128KM along rough gravel road to Itezhi-tezhi town and over dam wall to Musungwa safari Lodge . (GPS Musungwa Lodge  S15*47`  12,0”    E26*00`    17,2”)

From Livingstone

Take main road from Livingstone to Lusaka. At Kalomo 120km from Livingstone turn left for Kafue Park Dumdumweze gate. (GPS For this turning S16*59`  45,4”  E26*30`  41,8”). From this turning it is 78 kms along gravel road to Dumdumweze gate. (GPS DUMDUMWEZE GATE S16*41`  33,0”  E26*01`  53,4”). Then take road through the Kafue Park for 113km (4x4 only) sandy road to Musungwa Lodge at Musa Gate.

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